People are in panic. Now this is a very common phenomenon that must be fought. People must aim to a happy life without panic. Panic is a feeling of extreme fear. It usually occurs suddenly and rapidly growing. One of the instinctive functions of fear in our lives is informative. Man, frightened, can quickly assess the probability of the threat and take a decision. One of the causes of panic attacks is the lack of information from the outside world. The threat can be both real and imagined, but we cannot evaluate what's happening. Psyche appends the picture of danger with exaggeration. Man forfeits his ability to act or begins to move, losing self-control. Rumor, speculation about the threat can provoke panic. The main passion – man loses the ability to critically evaluate the situation and does not hear the voice of reason. Panic can be short. When the Japan catastrophe overwhelmed people of the West seaside in California a year ago, the local authorities reacted fast and ordered to keep some products just in case. My husband used online Walmart Coupon Codes and purchased lots of water and other products needed for our family. It is very convenient to stay home and have all you want with the help of online shop. Change of situation can naturally calm a person or group of people. The emergence of reliable information brings sense. People have to pull themselves together and come to sound sense in order to win any panic conditions. Panic can reach a person, when he is afraid and stripped of his ability to act. Other causes are internal psychological reasons in this case the actual external danger does not exist. If attack fear arises spontaneously or repeats under certain events, situations, then these are "panic attacks". Are sudden, accompanied by severe physical symptoms: palpitations, asthma, dizziness, weakness. Any person is afraid to die or go mad. Such attacks are common in various neuroses. Very rarely panic can be consciously controlled. The attack lasting several minutes is painfully waited by a person. This condition may occur from several times in life up to several times a day, and require the assistance of an expert. There is the phenomenon of panic as the emotional infectiousness.