Marks of Happy Life

    We all aim to achieve any goals in life, to improve our lives but when we have reached or received, are we always happy? Can we rejoice that we have? The following 9 facts will prove to you that your life is good and live well, and panic is waste of time. The first fact is if you love. If you have experienced at least once, what love is, you are a lucky man. Love is the best thing that could happen to you in this life, and it is not important whether the mutual love, it is important that your heart, your soul flew open, and the whole world was wonderful. The second is if you are healthy. On any holiday you are wished health, it seems so trite and overused, but health is everything. It's hard to be happy and sick. Therefore, protect and maintain their health. The third thing is if you are financially free. Or at least close to it. Financial freedom gives you the opportunity to live fully, to realize your dreams, to see the world. To achieve this freedom is very difficult, but it's worth it. The important thing is not to fall into extreme and not become a slave to money. The next is if you have real friends. True friends are rare nowadays, but if you have, you are in luck. After all, these are the people who can be relied upon to always support you; they always have to talk about. The following fact is if you have implemented your plans. Each of us has any plans, goals, dreams, but few manage to translate them into action. If you have your dreams, reach the desired goal or implement your plan, you can be a happy man, and your life is really good if you love your job. Most people are living from paycheck to paycheck. They don't like what they are doing and go to work just for the sake of money. But if you are in the hobby, and it brings you profit, your life is definitely easier and more colorful than the others. If you understand the importance of self-development, self-improvement, and self-realization and are moving in this direction, you are a happy man. And it is not important, what are you doing, creativity, charity, meditation or in foreign languages, the main thing is that you are developing as a person if you live on conscience. If you can do business without cheating, build relationships without lies and pain, if for you the privilege and duty are not empty words, and you are not ashamed of choice, then you are a rare lucky man! If not, try to live by conscience, in harmony with yourself and the surrounding world, and happiness to you. Life is good if you want it. Remember, all at your fingertips. If you really want to change your life, make it happier, something needs to be done for that, rather than waiting for all the change itself. No panic! Good luck and be happy! Let the emotional infectiousness change into a happy life.