The collective risk of panic is the phenomenon of emotional infectiousness in the crowd of people. Being unhappy and in panic is like infectious disease. Lacking information, supervising panic among others, a person becomes infected with the emotions of the crowd. The emotional infectiousness has an instinctive nature, encouraging us to focus on the behavior of others. In the evolutionary process mental mechanism like this helped not to miss an important event, get the alarm. By the way, all know "contagious yawn" that is due to the same phenomenon. A positive example of the mechanism of emotional contagion is directorial technique "laughter behind the scenes". The viewer can instinctively laugh when other people laugh. People with provoking type of character play important, but negative role in the development of panic. They can be bright, noticeable, with expressive facial expressions and loud voice. These qualities are great for a scene, but disastrous during an accident in the crowd. Being in sight, they can start to increase signs of panic. Therefore, do not panic. Strive for a good, happy life. And at last, nine facts you want to try and forget what panic is. After all, being happy is our duty. Being happy is a sort of unexpected dividend. It is, indeed, a duty to you and others. Even if you don't feel happy, pretend to be. It works, I am sure. You can discover the secret of peace of mind for yourself and for others who are surrounding you. Be sure to be rewarded one day - just open doors and be happy.